Interfaith Meetings –AIFC organises public lectures and seminars featuring a range of  speakers  from different faith backgrounds who each present their faith’s perspective on topics. Areas covered previously include The Life Cycle (Birth, Death, Coming of Age, Marriage, Ordination); Social Issues (Domestic Violence, Family Breakdown, Substance Abuse); Sharing of One’s Faith Journey; What is the meaning of Dharma;  Views of the Prophet Abraham,  to name a few.

Musical Programmes  – A popular programme consists of choirs and instrumental groups from various faiths performing songs or chants on a given theme.

National Interfaith Forum: AIFC has hosted the National Interfaith Forum 3 times – in 2005, 2009 and 2016. These weekend events brought together people involved in interfaith work from all over New Zealand to report about their activities, listen to guest speakers, and develop networks and friendships.

Neighbourhood Interfaith Development–  One of the main purposes of interfaith work is to facilitate interactions that promote acceptance, understanding , and appreciation for  people who practice faiths other than one’s own. Learning about basic beliefs and practices and visiting each other’s sacred places help break down barriers and contribute to creating social harmony. AIFC organises programmes designed to foster the development of  interfaith networks within a given  local community. So far this type of programme has been held in Onehunga, Massey, and Papatoetoe. We are continuing to develop ways to be a catalyst for grassroots and sustainable interfaith initiatives within communities throughout Auckland.

Leadership Diversity Day:  AIFC organises and sponsors an annual interfaith programme for Year 12 students from various schools (religious and state) preparing for their final year at school. Held on the marae on the UNITEC campus, the students are introduced to, and discuss, Maori spirituality and world religions.